12 Best ways to increase your blog traffic

Well, traffic is very important for any blogger or webmaster because without traffic you can’t really do anything with that blog or website. The more traffic you have, the better. Better earnings, better rank and better fame. So here are 12 best ways to increase your blog traffic, the more you apply on your blog, more traffic you’ll generate.

How to increase blog traffic?

To increase your blog’s traffic you have worked really hard be patient and keep promoting your blog and I am sure with the time your blog will become huge. And I am posting a list of 12 best ways to increase your blog traffic, so you can also apply them on your blog.

1. Publishing daily

Publish at least 3 articles daily and also stay online on your blog so you can reply to comments as soon as possible, this will increase your blog’s traffic significantly.

2. Guest Posting

Guest posting has become a very important and must-do step for any new blogger to become known in the blogosphere. So, what are you waiting for? Look for blogs in your niche and start doing guest posts.

3. Keyword research

Well, this is something really hard to understand but also very important for SEO. You must do keyword research before publishing any articles and insert your keywords in your blog’s Meta tag, article title, h1, h2 etc.

4. Commenting on related blogs to your niche

This task has to been done daily or whenever there is a new post on the blog related to your niche, the more you keep commenting you get more traffic from those blogs and this helps a lot to build your loyal readers. And of course, leave your blog link at the end.

5. Forum Posting

These days forum posting is not really much helpful, but still, you must do this because it doesn’t really takes anything and can also cure your boredom. Also reading forums will increase your knowledge significantly.

6. Yahoo answers

In past yahoo answers could only work to get around hundreds of visitors daily, but now it has become very tough for new bloggers to get traffic from YA. But still, I recommend you keep answering questions related to your niche and leave your blog URL as your source.

7. How-to Articles

Almost everyone these days are looking for how to do this and how to do that on the internet. How-to articles have always become a huge advantage for bloggers, so you must keep learning things and keep posting how-to articles on your blog. The more helpful article is more traffic you will get.

8. Create Videos

This would be hard if you don’t have much knowledge in video editing, but you must learn it and create videos related to your niche and articles. Post them on popular video hosting sites like YouTube, Metacafe etc. And don’t forget to leave your website link in the description.

9. Linking Back

In some ways linking back to the original source does help your SEO. So, never be funky with your outgoing links and link back if it is necessary.

10. Build backlinks for your blog

Well, many pro bloggers have made a huge list of do-follow blogs. So keep building backlinks and try to stay away from low-quality spam websites.

11. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages

This is not new and you must be already aware for Facebook and Google+ pages. So build one for your website, always keep them updated and use these social network sites to build your readership.

12. Post Titles

This is quite a hard part but always think twice or thrice about your post titles. Do keyword research before you decide your post title. It really must be very impressive, attractive and try to keep it as much as unique. After that only people might think to read your whole article or these days no one wastes time reading huge posts.
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