How To Write Article For Good Search Engine Optimization

Professional writers are perfect when it comes to write an article for SEO. But now you don't have to be professional writer to write articles for Search Engines. If you are good in English you can easily turn into professional writer who can write great SEO articles. Well, everyone today is looking for information on the internet and that's the best thing for all bloggers and writers. And today we're going to talk about how to write an SEO friendly article which will gain you traffic from Search Engines.

Let's get started with Tips for Writing an SEO Article

1. Topic Must Be In Demand

Well, if you want to write for Search Engine and traffic you must start writing about popular topics and choose keywords which are being searched a lot. Looking for topics which are in demand is not really a hard thing; there are many easy tools on the internet to do these things. I personally prefer Google Insights to look for things which are being searched lately and there is lot more you can learn with Google Insights.

2. Your Article Title

I know that many people say that do not judge a book by its cover, but that is book and this is internet. On internet your blog post will never go viral unless it has a great and attractive title. So all you have to do with title is write attractive article title which should easily capture the attention of readers immediately. Also do not forget to add your keywords in post title to make it more Search Engine friendly.

3. Keyword Research

I have already written couple of times about keyword research in my different posts, but I would like to explain it all over again because this step is very important for writing SEO articles. This is going to be real easy for you if you blog in one or two specific niche, but if you keep blogging about random things I would not prefer you this step. Well, search engines change everyday and there are so many new words which are being searched in your niche everyday. So you must always keep yourself updated with whatever is in demand within your niche. Once you know most of popular keywords in your niche you can easily become a professional SEO article writer.

4. Keep it Simple as Possible

I am going to be honest with you guys on this and tell you that this is the mistake done by most of professional writers. Seriously what I hate is that they try to make things very complicated and invent some new words just to make their article look informative. Of course it can be great for Search Engines, but your readers might get confused. As a blogger you must always try to write simple articles yet informative and once your readers understand and start engaging with you, it will automatically become an SEO friendly article.

5. Let your Readers Know that you are an Expert

This is the thing every blogger must seek for, but not everyone does that and they simply lose their readers. If people reading your article know that you are an expert in your niche, they will start trusting you and will always wait for your next article. So, stop worrying about you are an expert or not, start thinking that you are already an expert and start giving your personal advices in your articles.
So these are the 5 tips I have been following lately to write nice and useful SEO articles. And I am seeing good results and that's the reason I decided to post about this. So if you are failing in getting visitors from Search Engines I am sure these tips will very useful for you, so give it a try and let us know what works best for you.
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